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“Encouraging, Inspiring, And Empowering Book!What a great book. It’s not only educational, but personal and raw. I love how Shari explains her journey of emotions, physical symptoms, relationships, and the solutions that got her through finding relief with fibromyalgia, PTSD, and mental health. It is heart-wrenching, encouraging, inspiring, and empowering in every way. She gives tangible steps and interactive tools for wherever you are in your health journey. She gives hope, even on the toughest of days. A true story and testament of turning tragedy into triumph. Whether you are battling fibromyalgia or mental health challenges, or know someone who is, you need to read this insightful book”. -Jennifer Pressimone ,Clinical Aromatherapist

5 Star Rating -Literary Titan “Breaking Free From Pain provides a significant contribution to discussions on alternative medicine and its role in treating chronic conditions like fibromyalgia. Shari Emami’s balanced perspective on integrating Western and Eastern medical practices, coupled with her personal experiences, makes this a compelling read. Shari Emami employs a clear, informative, and engaging writing style. Her conversational tone, complemented by personal anecdotes, makes the book accessible and relatable. The book is well-structured, offering a comprehensive guide to hair mineral analysis and its implications in managing fibromyalgia.”

Do you know that most doctors fail to properly diagnose fibromyalgia? Well, my name is Shari Emami, a board certified holistic health practitioner (HHP), published award winning author, passionate writer, educator, disability advocate, and fibromyalgia overcomer. Over 3 million people are affected by fibromyalgia worldwide. I am here to help you or your caretaker with easing symptoms of your fibromyalgia and offering viable solutions. Today, as a former fibromyalgia patient, I am dedicated to helping others uncover the root causes of their fibromyalgia, heal naturally, and stop their chronic pain once and for all. 

It brings me immense joy to share the knowledge I have gained from my personal healing journey with fibromyalgia. Since 2016, I have been pain-free, a testament to the effectiveness of holistic practices and my unwavering dedication to self-care. My book talks about how I got to that place of recovery. I provide one-on-one coaching and support for those suffering from fibromyalgia and are looking to make lifestyle changes. My business is where honesty, healing, and knowledge meet personal backgrounds and stories. I made my book and business with love and information on healing. Enjoy!

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