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I Work With People Of All Ages

Are Too Tired Or Worn Out? Need A Plan On How To Get Better? Do You Need A Coach That Can Direct And Advise You To Wellness? Want To Start Feeling Better And Improving Your Quality Of Life? You Need Someone To Guide You, Such As A Coach That Can Walk You Through The Steps Of Managing Fibromyalgia Or Other Pain Related Issues. I Know How You Feel, Because I Have Been There. You Need To Get To The Root Of The Problem. Let Me Be Your Personal Coach And Help You Get Better. I Can Help You Manage Your Fibromyalgia Condition And Make Things Easier For You. I Can Help You Lead A Healthier Life.

What I Can Do For You:

I do virtual coaching sessions and email support, offering holistic advice. I can help you make the lifestyle changes needed to ease your fibromyalgia symptoms or if your just looking for overall health coaching, I can help you with that as well. Contact me today! Let me guide you to healing.

Services Include:
.Client Intake Form and Assessment
.Health And Symptom Questionnaire
.Behavior Lifestyle Modification
.Diet Modifications
.Stress Reduction Techniques
.Motivation Practices and Coaching
.Accountability And Self-Care
.Weight Loss And Goal Setting
.Healthy Diet, Recipes And Food Education
.Introduction To to Complimentary And Integrative Health (CIH) For Pain Relief

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Packages And Prices:

1 Hour Sessions : $25 An Hour
Package Deal : $55 For 3 Sessions

About Me:
I was born in Port Jefferson, NY but was raised in Glendale, CA. I always been interested in art when I was a teenager, so I received my art education at The Art Institute of California -Hollywood specializing in Computer Aided Design with a focus in fashion design. I also attended the Beauty Industry Essentials Program at Fashion Institute of Technology.

I however, have always been more interested in healing people. My commitment to holistic well-being led me in 2014, to become a board-certified holistic practitioner, recognized by the prestigious AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) as an HHP. Furthermore, I obtained my health coach certification (CHC), from the esteemed Dr. Sears Wellness Institute in 2018, augmenting my expertise in guiding individuals toward optimal health. Its science-based curriculum follows the philosophy of Dr. William Sears for healthy living. They are accredited with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP), and recognized as a leader in the wellness industry. I also completed continuing education hours at Bastyr University and “The Sensitive Gut” at Harvard Health Publishing. I am a registered holistic healer at the International Natural Healers Association (INHA). I am also an organizational member of The American Holistic Health Association, (AHHA). In 2013, I also earned 60 physical therapy observational hours at Tyler Physical Therapy and Pilates as we all Burbank Healthcare And Rehabilitation Center. There I observed other physical therapists to understand the dynamics of biomechanics and how the human body is rehabilitated.

Having always been intrigued by the transformative power of holistic healing, I actively explored various facets of alternative medicine. This experience allowed me to deepen my understanding of holistic approaches and their profound impact on well-being. In 2017, I worked as an account manager for a company called SkinMD, Shielding Lotion, which is a vegan skincare line of natural ingredients.

To further expand my knowledge and credentials, I pursued studies in herbal and alternative medicine. I earned a certificate in Integrative Mental Health from the University of Central Florida, equipping me with comprehensive insights into the mind-body connection and how it often relates to chronic pain and fibromyalgia symptoms.

I started my business for the purpose of providing sufferers and caretakers tools they can use that helped me and I know will help them recover. It brings me immense joy to share the knowledge I have gained from my personal healing journey with fibromyalgia. Since 2016, I have been pain-free, a testament to the effectiveness of holistic practices and my unwavering dedication to self-care.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I am eager to connect with like-minded individuals, share my insights, and continue to make a meaningful impact in the world.