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Why You Need A TENS Unit

TENS can help lessen the pain of fibromyalgia by reverting pain signals. I talk about this in my book. What is a TENS unit? The Intensity Tens Machine in the picture was mentioned on an episode of Dr. Oz. Go to “Recommended Products To Buy” to purchase. It stands for transcutaneous electrical stimulation. A non-invasive… Continue reading Why You Need A TENS Unit

Breaking Free From Pain

You are probably tired of the same old advice about fibromyalgia treatments with no relief. You want solutions and you want results. It’s just frustrating and it’s one of the reasons why I wrote my book to better serve you with good advice. I have battled fibromyalgia myself. I am very familiar with various holistic… Continue reading Breaking Free From Pain

Your Guide To Carrier Oils

Whether you are a beginner with essential oils or you are interested in putting together your own oils to help with fibromyalgia, you should be familiar with carrier oils, the benefits offered from them, and the reasons for using them alongside essential oils. The primary reason carrier oils are used is as a safe way… Continue reading Your Guide To Carrier Oils