Get This Stylish, Chic, Diffuser Bracelet For Aromatherapy Benefits

Who Says You Can’t Look Stylish Without Getting Medicinal Benefits?? Go To My Homepage To Jade Bloom To Purchase!!! This Diffuser Bracelet Can Be Found Right In My Jade Bloom Homepage. It allows aromatherapy scents to be emitted from the bracelet beads. Perfect for winding down and relaxation , which you need when dealing with… Continue reading Get This Stylish, Chic, Diffuser Bracelet For Aromatherapy Benefits

Gingerbread Soap

Go To My Homepage Click On Jade Bloom To Purchase! You Need To Pamper Yourself As Someone Going Through Fibromyalgia. Self Care Is Very Important. Great Deal! Fresh – Organic Cleansing Bar – Gingerbread USDA Certified Organic Soap SKU 3671912 Made from all natural and organic products. Each 4oz bar is carefully packaged in a… Continue reading Gingerbread Soap

Reviews On My Book

This is what one Barnes n Noble customer says: ‘Perfect Mix Of Education And Empathy! This book is really insightful and empathetic. It had a lot of info about fibromyalgia and ways to heal from it that are underrated and not spoken about anywhere else. It also mentioned a lot of data and research to… Continue reading Reviews On My Book

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Halloween Special!!

Remember as a kid on Halloween, no matter what open door was before you, you’d at least get something?! Sure, there was the occasional person handing out dirty pennies or someone fancying themselves a comedian and giving you a toothbrush… But invariably, you got SOMETHING. Well, Trick or Treating isn’t just for kids, and we’d… Continue reading Halloween Special!!