Halloween Special!!

Remember as a kid on Halloween, no matter what open door was before you, you’d at least get something?! Sure, there was the occasional person handing out dirty pennies or someone fancying themselves a comedian and giving you a toothbrush… But invariably, you got SOMETHING.

Well, Trick or Treating isn’t just for kids, and we’d like to keep that Halloween spirit alive…but with stuff you actually want as the offering!

Starting now and until tonight at Midnight, we’re not only giving you 15% off Sitewide with code TREAT, but we’re also giving away a limited edition Candy Corn Lip Balm and a free decal with EVERY purchase.

And because we’re feeling oh-so-generous, enjoy some candy on us so you don’t have to sneak any out of your kids’ pillowcase. Go to my homepage to purchase Jade abloom. Use The Code Below.

Use Code: TREAT


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