Book Review

“A compelling and heartfelt account of the author’s journey through the challenges of fibromyalgia and their exploration of various healing modalities. This book offers a deep and introspective look at the author’s experiences, providing valuable insights for readers who may be dealing with similar health struggles.
By sharing her struggles, frustrations, and triumphs, she creates an emotional connection with readers like me who also be grappling with chronic pain and its impact on our lives. This connection is further strengthened as the author delves into their path towards healing and strength.
Although the book is deeply personal, it goes beyond the author’s individual experience. It serves as a source of comfort and guidance for others who may be feeling isolated in their health challenges. The author’s willingness to share their story and insights contributes to a sense of community and support among readers.”- Alice( fibromyalgia sufferer)

“I liked this book very much. everything is explained so clearly, that we have no problem understanding the entire book and the scientific aspects sometimes mentioned. I really recognized myself in this story, and it made me feel so good to see that I was not alone. it’s like every word i’ve been looking for to describe the pain and struggles of fibromyalgia were right in front of my eyes. the writing style is very pleasant to read, and even though we all have different bodies, so the solutions offered may not be the right solution for everyone, it’s nothing to lose by trying. Thanks again to the author for this wonderful book”.-Lune

-“What a great book. It’s not only educational, but personal and raw. I love how Shari explains her journey of emotions, physical symptoms, relationships, and the solutions that got her through finding relief with fibromyalgia, PTSD, and mental health. It is heart-wrenching, encouraging, inspiring, and empowering in every way. She gives tangible steps and interactive tools for wherever you are in your health journey. She gives hope, even on the toughest of days. A true story and testament of turning tragedy into triumph. Whether you are battling fibromyalgia or mental health challenges, or know someone who is, you need to read this insightful book.”

– Jennifer Pressimone, Clinical Aromatherapy & Herbal Educator

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