Why You Need A TENS Unit

TENS can help lessen the pain of fibromyalgia by reverting pain signals. I talk about this in my book. What is a TENS unit? The Intensity Tens Machine in the picture was mentioned on an episode of Dr. Oz. Go to “Recommended Products To Buy” to purchase.

It stands for transcutaneous electrical stimulation. A non-invasive pain treatment option, a TENS unit uses small electrical pulses to replace pain signals. Electrical leads on electrodes (self-sticking patches) are placed on your skin in the area where the pain signals originate. These leads are attached to a cellphone-sized, battery-powered, patient-controlled device that controls the frequency and intensity of these electrical pulses.

On my recommended products to buy, I offer a wide variety of TENS units that can fix your needs. Always consult with a doctor on placement of where you should put TENS on your body. When you use TENS combined with light stretching, it does wonders for your pain.

You do not have to be in constant chronic pain anymore. I want you to feel better. Please consider purchasing from my page to finally find relief. TENs pro is a very reputable brand. Get it right here with me.

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