Nerve Support Spray That Is Recommended For Your Fibromyalgia Pain

As a holistic practitioner, this nerve support spray by Jenns Scents, can greatly reduce fibromyalgia pain and suffering and I fully stand by this product. You can purchase this spray on my “Recommended Products Just For Your Needs” page at the bottom clicking on Jenns Scents. When you purchase with me, you get a special 10 percent discount on your first order, but only through me.

Nerve support spray for pain relief. Combination of 100% pure essential oils and botanicals historically known to calm pain, excess heat, inflammation and discomfort. Great for muscle, tissue, nerve and tendon pain.
Essential oils scientifically shown to possess anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic & nervine properties. Includes helichrysum, frankincense, marjoram, clary sage, bay laurel, lavender, St. John’s Wort, clove, rosemary, spearmint, sweet basil, wintergreen, camphor, fennel and lemongrass.
Base includes plant-enzymes to hydrate muscles and nerves, arnica oil and a special combination of flower essences.
Customers who have used our nerve support spray for pain have said it helped with –
* neuralgia
* sciatica
* sore muscles & stiffness
* joint pain
* arthritis discomfort
* swelling
* fibromyalgia
* bursitis
* tendonitis
4 oz. bottle

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