Alleviate For Headaches

A common complaint with fibromyalgia sufferers is headaches. In addition to experiencing brain fog, headaches oftentimes follows the haziness feeling in your brain. Typically speaking, it’s usually the temples that are most affected in terms of pain. You don’t have to suffer anymore, as ALLEVIATE helps reduce the pain and discomfort of all types of… Continue reading Alleviate For Headaches

Clary Sage And It’s Benefits for Fibromyalgia

Clary Sage, which is derived from the Mediterranean Basin, has healing properties that go beyond pain relief. In my book, I talk about how fibromyalgia was worse around my period. My period cramps were ten times worse after being diagnosed, than before. Clary Sage has been known to reduce the pain of period cramps as… Continue reading Clary Sage And It’s Benefits for Fibromyalgia