Wellness Tips For Mommies With Fibromyalgia

When you’re a mom, you have so many tasks both including physical and mental, while keeping it all together. This includes your mental energy as well as your physical health. It is a hard job , so kudos to you!

However, with fibromyalgia, it presents even more challenges with motherhood. How can you be prepared? And how can you deal with it successfuly? I am here to give you some realistic tips on keeping it all together despite chronic pain.


1. Make sure to include your whole family in on a treatment plan that everyone can participate in, in case you need extra help around the house. If you need a friend or neighbors help, offer to for ask for something like that. In exchange, invite them for tea or treats.

2. Continue socializing and involve yourself in some groups that deal with sufferers of chronic pain. Feel free to make new friends that share a common obstacle that you all go through.

3. Practice self care, go to a health club, workout at home, or take a group class. Ask one of your friends or husband to watch the kids while you attend.

4. Depending on your child’s age, or even babies age,incorporate some physical activity while you’re watching them. This includes going out for walks with your child or playing together. You could even join a Gymboree that allows you to bond with your baby while you’re getting some activity.

5. Have someone help around the house, make cooking a bonding activity with your spouse. If you’re a single mother, then invite some friends over for a potluck dinner or all cook together.

6. Set some ground rules, limit tv and social media time and get everyone involved in cooking, cleaning, physical activities and anything to move around and get things done.

7. Invest in some epsom salt for muscle pain relief and take baths frequently. You will be able to relax and unwind, while reducing pain. Use essential oils as well for added benefits.

8. Make an appointment at a hair salon and get your hair and nails done. Have a “me” day to celebrate yourself.

9. Even though you’re in chronic pain and still feel exhausted, don’t forget to take some downtime for yourself. This includes reading a good book or engaging in a new hobby.

10. Lastly, don’t define yourself by your fibromyalgia and remember you’re a mother now. You can successfully take care of things and still feel like you. With some adjustments, you can make this work.

Congratulations on being a mother and love the journey!

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